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Covid-19 PSA

SARS2 (VIRUS) >>> vs >>> COVID-19 (DISEASE) SARS2 is a virus that causes COVID-19, which is the resulting disease. Before exposure to SARS2 virus, the number of antibodies working to protect you is essentially zero because your (and everyone else’s) previous exposure to this virus is zero as well. This as much as anything is why this virus is so dangerous. For example, measles is as dangerous and even more infectious than SARS2 but we have all been exposed to measles before. After contracting a virus, the immune response is activated to go attack the virus. Once the antigen/foreign virus provokes an immune response to kill it, the immune system now produces antibodies for that particular virus and it starts making copies of this new specialized killer. The number of antibodies for this new bug (virus) has to grow through replication, to an army big enough to put up a decent fight against this new virus. This process takes about 7-8 days (let’s call this phase 1). During Phase 1, the virus is winning because the population of the virus is high enough and the number of antibodies is low enough, and the virus is able to create tissue damage. This is why during the first week or so people feel the worst. Around day 8, Phase 2 takes over, where we start to feel better because our immune system has replicated enough specific antibodies that destroy the virus as well as T-Killer cells that destroy cells where the virus is being produced. The reduction in free virus as well as the cellular factories where it is being produced are designed to prevent the virus from causing so much tissue damage. By day 18, Phase 3 kicks in and this will be referred to as the clean-up phase. If your immune system is healthy and functioning correctly, the virus should be under control at this point. By day 28, Phase 4, all of the virus should have been eradicated by the new antibodies and T-Killer cells that were made by your immune system for this new virus. The immune system will then leave enough fighters (antibodies and T-Killer cells) behind to leave us prepared for another possible attack by the same virus. This should prevent reoccurrence of infection because, unlike when you have never seen this virus before, the immune system is already present and responds instantly instead of taking a week to get going. This is why once you get the disease and recover you are never likely to get it again. HERD IMMUNITY At 6 weeks, without a re-infection, you should probably be completely immune. The training and fortifications are complete and you can repel any repeat attack. The more people who have contracted the virus and have made it to Phase 4 is beneficial not only to each individual but also to the community because the virus has fewer people susceptible to attack, thus reducing the number who can infect other non-immune individuals. Obviously if 100% of the community is immune the virus has no one to infect and disappears, however, research has shown you only need about 70% of the community to have been through all 4 phases of immune response to the virus in order to protect the 30% who have not. This is known as HERD IMMUNITY. Some of us may never know that someone else has immunity that protects those of us who are not immune to the virus. Think of herd immunity like travel through a dangerous place. If seven in ten of you are armed the unarmed are still protected. Knowing now, how your immune system responds to viruses, it should become obvious that a vast majority of “the community” needs to contract the virus in order to eradicate it. People who have predisposing health issues need to be very careful! To contribute to the 70% you have to be strong enough to go through the four phases which means you have to make it on your own through the first seven days when it is you and your own health status against the virus without much help from your immune system. However, should we all just be sitting ducks and do nothing…or should we be training and preparing to put up the best fight that we can? HELP YOURSELF GET PREPARED? In any viral infection situation, you may notice that some people barely get sick and they are over it in a couple of days. These people are healthy with a strong immune system which responds quickly. At the extreme other end of the spectrum, you may know people who seem to always be sick all of the time, pick up whatever bug is going around and can’t seem to shake it. The second group of people is an example of possible compromised immune function. Research suggests that there are specific nutritional components that may be beneficial for a more efficiently functioning immune response. It has also been well documented that chiropractic manipulation enhances immune system function. The efficacy of chiropractic care, in regards to immune function, was specifically recognized during the Spanish Flu which lasted from January 1918 to December 1920 with an estimated 500 million infected and 17 to 50 million fatalities (visit - 1918 Influenza Epidemic). At that time, look at the success rate of chiropractic care, having minimal tools available, the main one being chiropractic manipulation. Now here we are, roughly 100 years later with a greater understanding of how our bodies respond in various situations. As a result, we as chiropractors have so much more to offer with so many more treatment tools at our disposal. At Ediss Chiropractic, through Applied Kinesiology techniques, acupuncture, accurate nutritional assessments and recommendations, it is possible to help you prepare your immune system to fight at its most optimal level. This goal is accomplished by using the previously mentioned “tools” to identify weaknesses throughout your body and determine what necessary steps should be taken to help you, the patient, be as healthy as possible.