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Infrared Laser Therapy (IRLT)

Infrared Laser Therapy (IRLT) has similar physiologic healing affects on cells and tissues throughout the body at an even faster rate than the LLLT. One bigger difference between the two devices, is that the laser beam used in IRLT actually produces a gentle soothing heat. The doctor will determine which device will be best for each situation.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a laser that does not produce heat and is therefore recognized as “cold laser therapy”. The instrument we use has a programmable key pad which allows us to set the device to very specific wavelength frequencies making it a very versatile tool in the use of treating a wide variety of conditions. LLLT works by stimulating powerhouses of the cells in your body called mitochondria. The mitochondria manufactures energy within the cells causing them to replicate at a faster rate which results in faster healing and remodeling of damaged tissues right down to the DNA.