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Nutritional Supplementation Therapy

nutritional supplements

Everybody’s genetics, activity levels, diets and lifestyles are different and therefore their nutritional needs will be different. Using a combination of data (a detailed history, blood panel results, AK test results, etc.) specific customized nutritional recommendations can be made. An important element, for the patient, is that they have a better understanding of why they may have a specific problem as well as knowing what they are taking a recommended supplements for. As a result, you the patient, are taking a more proactive in your own healing process.

Another key component to achieving the best nutritional health results is the identification and desensitization of food allergies and sensitivities. Allergy sensitivity desensitization is performed in our clinic, quickly and painlessly at any age. When one suffers from food sensitivities or allergies, multiple systems in the body may be affected including the gastrointestinal tract, adrenal function, immune system function, acne, metabolism as well as inflammation anywhere in the body. Patients are often surprised to find out what they are sensitive to, as some foods, although may be viewed as “healthy”, may not be tolerated by everybody.

With Dr. Ediss’ nearly 30 years of clinical experience and trying multiple brands of nutrition, only Nutri-West has outperformed all others, when it comes to clinical results. Nutri-West manufactures pharmaceutical, professional grade synergistic supplement formulas designed to support a wide variety of physiologic functions. With worldwide distribution to healthcare providers only (you won’t find it in stores), Nutri-West has been proudly manufactured in Douglas, Wyoming since 1981!

Nutri-West: Available only through licensed healthcare practitioners. Nutri-West products are made to the industry's most exacting standards. Each of the more than 3,800 raw materials used in these formulations undergo regular and random lab analysis to ensure purity and potency. These rigorous standards have earned Nutri-West Wyoming's coveted blue-ribbon award for drug manufacturing excellence. Unlike the typical commercially available products these supplements are formulated to guarantee results. We firmly stand behind these products and have seen amazing results in many of our patients. For more information on this product line go to